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As Covid brings the entire world economy to its knees, our masters, the 1%, the unelected majority shareholders of the world’s assets are launching their plan to impose the Great Reset on the rest of us whether we like it or not. We need to recognize that these egotistical billionaires and almighty technocrats are really psychopaths who have recklessly savaged the earth and all of the living things on it for generations.

We need to wake up fast and realize that their money and economic system is the root of the world's problems. We can't combat the life-threatening challenges of climate change, pollution, disease or shortages of food and energy until the profit motive is disabled and an unrestricted supply of debt-free money is available.

In our current economy, the demand for money is ALWAYS greater than the available supply. If all sellers are trying to take in more money from the marketplace than they pay out to the marketplace, then there can never be enough money in the marketplace to buy all of the products and services that are offered for sale. Profit creates a gap between the amount of money paid out in expenses and the amount of money demanded back from the marketplace in prices. Of course, some individuals will be able to comfortably afford the extra cost of profit in the products and services they use, but across the macro-economy as a whole the profit gap is unavoidable.

Debt provides an easy answer to this imbalance. If collectively people are willing and able to borrow enough additional money to match the profit added to prices, then consumer demand can match producer supply and the economy will continue to function normally.

Debt, however, re-creates the problem all over again. The amount of money that lenders pay out to the borrower is always less than the amount of money the borrower is required to pay back. Interest widens the gap that profit creates and transfers wealth from borrowers to lenders.

The scarcity of money is not an accident or an occasional and temporary imbalance. It is a design feature that functions to transfer wealth to those who already possess significant capital. Both profit and debt exploit the productivity of those who have little or no capital themselves and who struggle daily just to make ends meet. Without assets you can’t borrow capital to play the game. You must rent your life out to those who can profit from your productivity. The company that you work for makes a profit on your labour, your landlord uses your rent to pay off the mortgage on his property, and the bank uses the interest that you pay to fund corporations and to build empires.

This is the true story of how our economy works. It explains why the rich keep getting richer, even during recessions and depressions. It explains why the 1% now own over half of the world’s assets. The money and economic systems that we use today operate on the same principles that they did a century ago. They have never been questioned or improved to make them fairer, more productive or more environmentally sustainable. Why is that when everything else on the planet has been upgraded and improved? Why is the monetary system so untouchable?

We must break the chains that hold humanity back from its true potential and expose the lies that the billionaires have been feeding us for centuries. It's now or never folks. If we continue to submit to their authority they we will lead us into a totalitarian prison to await the inevitable collapse of civilization. Instead, we propose a cooperative global monetary and economic system that respects the dignity and sanctity of mother earth and the natural rights of every living creature here now and yet to come. The new system, based on equality and respect, will seed locally, grow regionally and share internationally. It will be autonomous and self-directed.

Those who respect the equal rights of other individuals and intend no harm to anyone need never be restricted or controlled by any government. For the first time in human history all people will have any equal opportunity to prosper, learn, and love.

Profit and debt have to go. So do the ridiculous income differentials between the haves and the have nots. The rich and the famous have to get real. The rest of us want a beautiful life too. Instead of the Great Reset, let's start over again and build a Garden of Even.