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Our monetary & economic systems are a reflection of society's deeper problems. Avarice, self-interest and a desperate longing for superiority are our primary underlying afflictions. Our money system merely aids and abets these unhealthy desires and pathologies. Ego breeds inequality. Immorality nurtures domination and exploitation. Despite our intellectual advances, we remain emotional savages. Fearful and psychologically insecure, we cling to competition, battle, and the exercise of power... and crumble on.

What is needed to rebuild the garden is respect, an unassailable respect for others, and a profound and humble gratitude for the communal gifts and natural resources of the planet. This foundation of values must be deeply ingrained in childhood and reinforced in all social interactions. Every human being should have an equal right to enjoy the gift of life and the natural resources that nature freely provides. Every human being should also have equal access to the commercial abundance that society creates together.

Every human being builds a personal identity from an almost infinite progression of individual occurrences. Billions of incidences shape our self-awareness, our beliefs and values, and our emotional landscapes. Each of us has a unique and incredibly complex history which has made us who we are. Once we recognize this in ourselves, it is easy to accept that it must also apply to the other people around us. All human beings live in a different reality from one another. No reality is truly objective. All realities must be respected.

Einstein's theory of relativity applies to human perception and social interaction as well as the physical dimensions. Human beings are not nouns, they are verbs. Observed at any one point in time they may appear to be nouns but in the flow of time they are constantly changing, evolving, actions. In reality we are all vectors travelling through time together that approach shared moments and events from different directions. Although we are different, your definition of reality is as complex and real to you as mine is to me. All perceptions, beliefs and values are subjective and relative to the life path of the observer. There are no absolute truths. This understanding offers a solid foundation for social respect.

It is pointless to try and build better monetary & economic systems without first recognizing and accepting that all human beings have an equal and infinite value. This is the stumbling block that is holding humanity captive. Self-righteous people judging others harshly according to their own personal reality, intolerance of different viewpoints and values, degrading the importance and value of others to establish a personal superiority... these are the primary obstacles blocking the Freedom of Equal.