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It's not born yet... but it's growing.

For now, the Financial Party is a political movement, not a registered political party. It may become a political party before the next federal election, but that is totally up to you. If enough Canadians still care about true freedom and real democracy, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and stand together, we can win a majority government and shatter the corrupt political and financial system that is destroying our country.

Normally building a political movement requires a lot of money. The Financial Party has no such money, but it hopes to make up for what it lacks in funding by efficiently utilizing the four year lead time before the next federal election. Never underestimate the enormous influence that spirited volunteers can have on the people around them. Add to that the incredible power of the internet and you have the ingredients for an unstoppable force.

For now, the Financial Party is merely a celebration of the possibilities that await us. The only drink we serve is hope. The only cover charge we require is sincerity. If you truly believe that all human beings deserve, as a birthright, an equal opportunity to enjoy life, and to explore and develop their own natural interests and talents in the order of importance that they define for themselves, then come on in and enjoy the celebration. This is the party of the millennium that will crush the new world order like a bug.

Please bring your talent and energy to the party now and get involved. Without your input, continuing on will seem pointless. All it takes to get started is an email. Thank you.

don findlay
host of the party