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The dollar values below are the current dollar value equivalents for the hour-based incomes generated by a labour-based economy. They were calculated from the latest available data from Statistics Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency. The figures for Population, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Education and Work Hours were taken directly from 2021 StatsCan data. The income distribution percentages were calculated from the Canada Revenue Agency's 2020 Tax Return statistics. The Need Hours were compiled using numerous 2020 Statistics Canada tables. Click on the table below to print it.
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The income examples below display a single individual's income potential across a range of Maximum Paid Rest Rates from 100% to 300%. Notice that as Maximum Paid Rest Rates rise, the value of the GDP must be divided by more hours which causes the purchasing power of other workers to fall due to the dilution of the value of each hour. Click on the table to print it. The household income of couples or families could be significantly higher if more than one person is working. To download a full set of income tables click here.
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