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Hopefully this short summary of the Financial Party's beliefs and platform provides enough information to help you see clearly that it is not just another business-as-usual party. The Financial Party is ready to attack the common root cause of all our most pressing social and economic problems of poverty, unemployment, war, environmental destruction and the crushing burden of debt and usury that is used to control us. None of the other political parties will even talk about the corruption of our current financial system for they depend upon it for their survival.

We've all been trapped inside the PIT (of Profit, Interest, Taxes) for so long, that it is almost impossible to imagine a world outside of it. But that world is waiting for us to discover it. Like an untouched wilderness, its existence does not depend upon our awareness of it. It already fully exists as a possibility, it just can't be seen from inside the PIT. All of the human and natural resources needed to achieve it are already there. It's simply a matter of generating the social will to make the flight to freedom happen.

All that we need to move forward is the absolute certainty that there can be much more to life than just the empty, superficial nonsense that our manipulators keep feeding us. Life could be so much more than just a race to reach the end of our resources. It doesn't have to be this fast and hard and violent. We don't have to step on others to get ahead ourselves. And we certainly shouldn't have to work ourselves to death so that the rich can get even richer. Our current economic system is devastating our planet. In just 100 years, the insanity of Capitalism has crippled the Earth's ecosystem and decimated our supply of natural resources. Are we really going to let our leaders destroy us? How much more will it take before we are ready to stand up together and defend ourselves?

It is now totally up to you

Will you simply turn away and do nothing? Will you continue to hide from the truth in the crumbling comfort of the propaganda and illusions of our culture? And if you do, what will you tell your children or grandchildren when the consequences of our unbridled greed and reckless self-interest finally destroy us? How will you answer them when they ask why you did nothing to preserve the precious gift of life on this planet? And how will you answer your God when he asks you the same question?

Democracy is not a spectator sport. You have to live it. You have to fight for it. Believe that democracy can work once people are better informed. Believe that people will act in their own best interest if given the chance. The ideas of the Financial Party are clearly the best chance we've got to turn things around. Please don't ignore them.

Take Power and Assert Your Natural Rights. Bring your talent and energy to the party now and get involved in the global fight for personal sovereignty, individual freedom and ecological survival. Inform as many people as you can of this web site and help get these ideas circulating. They will only become better as more people get involved. We're exploding with ideas on how to proceed, but we can't do it alone. We need your help.

All it takes to get started is an email.

If you choose to do nothing else, please, at least, watch the videos below. They demonstrate quite clearly just how precarious our situation really is. And while you are watching them, ask yourself ...will our present monetary and economic systems help or hinder a successful response to the crisis we now face? Most likely, skyrocketing prices and staggering profit levels will divide humanity in two. A tiny minority will have enough money to continue on in relative comfort, the rest of humanity will perish. Instead of using our remaining natural resources cooperatively and intelligently to adapt and survive, we will simply panic and squander them with suicidal aggression and violence.

The alarm clock is ringing... it's time to wake up!
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